• fl
  • 5 min 30 s

Programme Note

Scherzetti was written in March 2020, with pedagogical intent, for the young flautist Bethany Norman to whom the composer wrote:

“The piece consists of three little scherzo-like pieces, linked by slower music. Each is different from one another but have a family resemblance. In some ways, the music of Scherzetti is a two part texture. Static in the lower passages, then darting up to the high stuff. I think of it like a lizard waiting almost motionless except for the pulse in his neck, and then his tongue shooting out to capture his prey! I want the listener to get the feeling of briskness, though it isn’t really hurried music, more that you are improvising ever new things to do with what you have before you.”

Scherzetti was Justin Connolly’s last completed work.

Nicolas Hodges