This work was commissioned by the Little Missenden Festival with support from the Friends of the Festival. First performed by Sara Trickey, violin and Ivana Gavric, piano on 13th October 2022 at Little Missenden Church, Buckinghamshire as part of the 2022 Little Missenden Festival

  • pf/vn
  • 4 min 30 s

Programme Note

Odysseus weeps, a five minute work for violin and piano, was written very instinctively in reaction to Book 8 of the Odyssey, where Odysseus is brought to tears by the tales of the blind bard Demodocus, specifically his recounting of the quarrel between Odysseus and Achilles at Troy. I wanted to depict in music the various emotions that Odysseus experiences in response to bard's recitations, and the subtle ways that the protagonist's weeping alters the relationship between Odysseus and his host, King Alcinous.

Cheryl Frances-Hoad


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