• Elmer Bernstein
  • Ghostbusters Suite (1984)
    (for voice and orchestra)

  • EMI Music Inc (World)

This suite incorporates composer Elmer Bernstein's themes from the 1984 film, Ghostbusters, including music from the opening library scene, Dana's theme, and a fully orchestrated arrangement of Ray Parker Jr.'s end title song. The suite was arranged by Peter Bernstein, son of the composer, in 2021.

Two versions are available for performance, one featuring an alto or tenor solo vocalist to perform the lyrics of Ray Parker Jr.'s song, and one in which that melody is assigned instrumentally. Both versions require use of a keyboard, for which a pre-programmed MainStage file will be provided.

  • voc + 2+pic.2.2.2/4.3.2+btbn.1/timp.3perc.dmkit/kbd.pf.hp/egtr.bgtr/str
  • Voice
  • 14 min


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