• William Barton
  • Gift - Our Breath of Life (2022)

  • G Schirmer (Australia) Pty Ltd (World)

Commissioned by Omega Ensemble and premiered on 10 February 2022 at City Recital Hall, Sydney

Commissioner exclusivity applies

  • bstcl/ddgrd/2vn.va.vc
  • 18 min

Programme Note

"The awakening moments of the dawning of time, sunlight reflective upon the great southern land.

The wind gently travels across the earth and rises to the sky, sharing the journey with the eagle - inhaling and exhaling with our first breaths of life.

From the distance the rivers of our bloodlines of mother country become ever so present, we realise from the eagles view we are connected as one humanity.

A dedication to the memory of ones breath, the first breath we take as we are born into this world, and the last taken. Breath is the rhythm we breathe as our heartbeat pulsates throughout our body - our breath is our connection to one another.

Each musician becomes the breath for one another - exchanging energy.

As our earthly horizon arks to a peak in the sky we breath - we breath for the memory - we breath for our loved ones.

An interpretation of the bushland coming to life as the earth shimmers a new day born - each instrument becomes the elements of nature - a rhythmical flow of life, we breath within, together as a symbol of unity - the importance of language passed on to generation after generation

The dust spirits dance upon rocky outcrops, jaggered and sharp pointed spinifex grass whistle as the wind travels.

The opening section is reflective, the voice forms a pathway with each musician to cross paths creating energy to breathe for others.

As we travel the life’s circle of light we embrace each other’s breath to a new memory born.

A silhouette of the rocky outcrops grow closer to the stars as the glow of the moon shines on the wings of the eagle.

All instruments morph into timelessness a place of rebirth renewal hope and our breath.

As the canvas of our landscape paints the night sky we find ourselves awakening to the new day born.

To the end May we share the memory of this breathe together."

- William Barton (January 2022)



William Barton - Gift - Our Breath of Life (full Score)