• Missy Mazzoli
  • Violin Concerto (Procession) (2021)

  • G Schirmer Inc (World)

Commissioned for Jennifer Koh by the National Symphony Orchestra, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, and BBC Radio 3, with support by ARCO Collaborative.

  • vn + 2(II:pic).2.2(II:bcl).2(II:cbn)/
  • Violin
  • 20 min
    • 26th July 2024, Klein Music Tent, Aspen, CO, United States of America
    • 2nd August 2024, Walk Festival Hall, Wilson, WY, United States of America
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Programme Note

I. Procession in a Spiral
II. St, Vitus
III. O My Soul
IV. Bone to Bone, Blood to Blood
V. Procession Ascending

Composer note
Violin Concerto (Procession) casts the soloist as a soothsayer, sorcerer, healer and pied piper-type character, leading the orchestra through five interconnected healing spells. Part one, “Procession in a Spiral,” references medieval penitential processions; part two, “St. Vitus,” is an homage to the patron saint of dancing, who could reportedly cast out evil spirits; part three, “O My Soul,” is a twisted reworking of the hymn of the same name, and part four, “Bone to Bone, Blood to Blood,” derives its name from the 9th-century Merseburg Charm, a spell meant to cure broken limbs. In the final movement, “Procession Ascending,” the soloist straightens out the spiral of the first section and leads the orchestra straight into the sky. Violin Concerto (Procession) was commissioned by the National Symphony and the Cincinnati Symphony for soloist Jennifer Koh.

— Missy Mazzoli



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