Intermezzo can be performed as a standalone piece, or as part of The Angel in the Forest. When performed as part of The Angel in the Forest, Intermezzo should come between 3. Because the Sun and 4. Perhaps.

  • 6vc
  • T + AATB; 6vc
  • 5 min

Programme Note

When I first composed the cantata The Angel in the Forest*, setting the exceptionally dark and deeply expressive poem of the same name by Gertrud Kolmar, I foresaw Intermezzo as a work centre-piece: a kind of plunge into a deep place of stillness before returning to the main action of the poetic text. Indeed, in performance this proved to work well. But when it came to publication, and my making new editorial choices, I felt that the Intermezzo should be offered as a performance choice. The architecture of the work as a whole, I believe, can work well with both options. In addition, Intermezzo can certainly work as a stand-alone short work.

I am indebted to the cellist Sophie Harris who has led the cellos in all performances of The Angel in the Forest so far and has offered unparalleled insight into how the piece could be performed. I bow humbly to the exquisite musicality and presence that Sophie brought to bear on the piece – revealing aspects of the work I did not know were there myself.

– Julian Marshall, Suffolk, November 2021