• Rune Glerup
  • Om Lys og Lethed (2021)
    ("Über Licht und Leichtigkeit / About Light and Lightness")

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)

Commissioned by DR Symphony Orchestra. Dedicated to Isabelle Faust.

  • vn; 2(pic).2.3(Ebcl).2/4.3.2(btbn).0/pf/str
  • vn
  • 20 min

Programme Note

My violin concerto would never have been written if I had not met Isabelle Faust. At a time when I had not written a single note for several months, doubting if I would ever write anything again, her interest and energy was the cause of new inspiration. Just as important was her special way of playing - with intellect, heart and a rare, delicate sensibility. Her personality and musicianship struck a chord in me, in my music, which gave my thoughts a new direction.

The violin concerto marks a change in my music towards a simpler and lighter expression. An expression that also contains detached glimpses from my childhood's endless summers by the North Sea. Birds, high and slow on a blue sky, and the evening quietly descending. The special light, the distant sounds. But also the confusion, repetitions and dead ends of the world. An expression that, more than in my previous music, is "About Light and Lightness."

- Rune Glerup, 2021




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