Commissioned by the Rautio Trio Rautio Trio with support from the RWV Trust and PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund for Music Creators

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  • 19 min

Programme Note

The opening ideas of this Piano Trio appear in varying guises throughout the piece and are continuously developed, as is characteristic of much of my work. There are five movements, Allegro, Lento, Presto, Adagio and a short final Presto which is effectively a coda. The opening Allegro is a call to attention, and both the slow movements are much more lyrical, using extended melodic writing that is highly decorated. The Presto is really a Scherzo and Trio along classical lines; I have been much inspired by Haydn’s piano trios, and this is only one of the many influences his music has had upon this piece.

The Trio lasts approximately 18 minutes, was completed in May 2019 and was commissioned by The Rautio Trio.

Brian Elias, 4th January 2020