• Bent Sørensen
  • Sei Anime (2020)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)

Commissioned by Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, Odense Symphony Orchestra and City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

  • 2(pic:pic).2.2.2/2.2(pictpt:pictpt).2.0/perc/str
  • hpd
  • 22 min

Programme Note

My harpsichord concerto Sei Anime (Six Souls) is dedicated to Mahan Esfahani and commissioned by Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and Odense Symphony Orchestra.

The concerto's six movements form the traces of a French Suite, as we know it from i.a. Bach's wonderful harpsichord suites, a major source of inspiration for this work. However, Sei Anime constantly steps out of the Baroque Suite’s footsteps.

The first movement can certainly be heard as the Allemande, which often initiates a French Suite; but it is probably more of a free Fantasia, where eventually the soloist steps completely out of the orchestral sound and is left alone.

The second movement is a playful Courante – a bustling scherzo, followed by a gentle Sarabande, that becomes the closest I come following in the French Suite’s footsteps.

The fourth movement is structured as a small fugue – a Fughetta that probably sends more thoughts to Beethoven's fugues than to Bach's.

The fifth movement was originally intended as a traditional baroque dance movements – Gavotte or Menuet; but ended up as a graceful tango in slow motion.

The last movement of the work echoes the second movement, but now as a "Gigue" overpainted with loud trumpet fanfares, all ending in a sad song.


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