• Helen Grime
  • It will be spring soon (2021)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

Commissioned by Musica Vitae

UK premiere reserved until April 2024. Please contact promotion@wisemusic.com for information.

  • S,vn + str(min
  • Soprano, Violin
  • 15 min
  • Philip Larkin, Sandra Cisneros, Jane Hirshfield
  • English

Programme Note

It will be spring soon was written for Ruby Hughes and Malin Broman, two musicians I am lucky enough to have enjoyed several years of wonderful musical collaboration and friendship with.  I knew from the moment I agreed to write the piece that I wanted it to be about joy in some way.  The three poems I decided to set shine a spotlight on this theme in different ways. In Coming, by Philip Larkin, (the title comes from this poem) a sense of hope and delight is heralded by the sound of a thrush singing. Little clown, my heart, by Sandra Cisneros, has an infectious, light-hearted energy to it. Finally, in Once, I by Jane Hirshfield I was struck by an incredible hazy, serene, maybe blissful atmosphere.  I hope I’ve captured some of the spirit of these wonderful poems in my settings of them.


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