ed. John Michael Cooper

  • Piano
  • 3 min

Programme Note

Florence Beatrice Price apparently loved waltzes: they make up the single most numerous genre in her instrumental output. Valsette Mignon is the earliest surviving specimen of her work in the genre — and it is an auspicious beginning. Like many of Price's (and others') smaller piano works, it is cast in ternary form. The outer sections consist of a gentle waltz theme whose characteristic emphasis on the fifth and sixth scale degrees prepares the neighbor-tone motive (likewise on the fifth and sixth scale degrees) that pervades the middle section That middle section, in F major, also contains the bulk of the piece's harmonic interest, quickly moving from its own tonic to E major, A-flat major, and B-flat major — this last preparing the return of C major, as dominant to F, in m. 61. The reprise, although clearly based on the A section, is newly composed.

— John Michael Cooper