Defenders of the oppressed and fighters against injustice, Victor Hugo and Emile Zola often put their genius to the service of great causes: the abolition of the death penalty and child labor, the advancement of women in society, the awareness of the Dreyfus affair… Conceived in the same years and under the same sky, the much less profound words of Baroness Staffe in her manual of good manners, vehemently denounce both the wearing of white socks and the dangers of orientalism. This musical chronicle will educate and intrigue middle and high school students and amuse adults as well.

  • 1111/1110/perc/str(11111)
  • 1111/1110/perc/str(65432)
  • Mixed Choir
  • Narrator
  • 50 min


Isabelle Aboulker: Hugo, Zola et la Baronne (Excerpts/Extraits) - Conservatoire à rayonnement régional de Paris (CRR)


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