• Luke Styles
  • Spring Song Cycle (Frühlingszyklus) (2008)

  • G Schirmer (Australia) Pty Ltd (World)
  • horn, piano
  • soprano quartet
  • soprano
  • 20 min
  • Stefan George, Ludwig Uhland, Frank O’Hara, Friedrich Hölderlin
  • English, German

Programme Note

Seven pieces for soprano, horn, piano and soprano quartet, setting poetry by George, Hölderlin, Uhrland and O'Hara. The Spring and Nature exist as central themes of the work although these are very much hidden in the work and only very occasionally rise to the surface. Lively and slow movements exchange with an optional movement for soprano quartet creating a subtle link to Les Angelus by Debussy.

1. Park (soprano, horn, piano) - text by Stefan George
2. Zwischenspiel (horn)
3. Frühlingsglaube (soprano, piano) - text by Ludwig Uhland
4. Ave Maria (soprano) - text by Frank O’Hara
5. Memoir of Sergei O .... (soprano, horn, piano) - text by Frank O’Hara
6. Der Frühling (soprano quartet) - text by Friedrich Hölderlin
7. Der Frühling (soprano, horn, piano) - text by Friedrich Hölderlin