• Luke Styles
  • Ripples of Como (2013)

  • G Schirmer (Australia) Pty Ltd (World)

Commissioned by Timothy Orpen with funds provided by Ralph Vaughan Williams Trust, Britten-Pears Foundation.

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  • 2vn.va.vc
  • cl
  • 17 min

Programme Note

This three-movement work was commissioned by the Royal Northern Sinfonia's principle clarinetist Timothy Orpen. The brief was to write a new work for clarinet and string quartet that could sit alongside the Mozart and Brahms quintets and perhaps contain a movement, which the soloist could play alone (this became the central 2nd movement for solo clarinet).

In the week before starting to write this piece I found myself on holiday on Lake Como celebrating my wife's 30th birthday. The water, the Alps, the small villages on Lake Como and the occasion itself all fed into my thoughts about this piece and although not in a literal way, have come to be very connected with the piece itself.

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