Unavailable for performance.

  • piano
  • 50 min

Programme Note

I. A Bao A Qu (The Tower of Chitor)
Traumwanderer: First Passage
II. Simurgh (The Bird Parliament)
Traumwanderer: Second Passage
III. The Norns
Traumwanderer: Third Passage
IV. The Chord for Fenrir
Traumwanderer: Fourth Passage
V. Swedenborg's Angels
Traumwanderer: Fifth Passage (Swedenborg's Demons)
VI. The Kilkenny Cats
Traumwanderer: Sixth Passage (The Squonk Mourns The Kilkenny Cats)
VII. Haniel, Kafziel, Azriel and Aniel
Traumwanderer: Seventh Passage
VIII. An Afternoon of a Minotaur
Traumwanderer: Eighth Passage
IX. La Liebre Lunar
X. El Aplanador
Traumwanderer: Ninth Passage ( El Golem)
XI. Bahamut
XII. The Library of Babel