• Dmitri Shostakovich
  • King Lear, Incidental music to William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Op. 58a (1940)
    (Ten Songs of the Fool)

  • Schirmer Russian Music/Le Chant du Monde (World)
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Programme Note

For mezzo-soprano, baritone and orchestra. Translations by Mikhail Kuzmin, Anna Radlova and Samuil Marshak (‘Ten Songs of the Fool’)
1. Introduction and Cordelia’s Ballad (Andante)
2. Returning from the Hunt (Allegretto)
3. Ten Songs of the Fool
I He who decides … (Allegro) [based on the tune ‘Jingle Bells’]
II Fools had ne’er less grace in a year (Allegretto)
III He that keeps nor crust nor crumb (Allegro)
IV The hedge-sparrow fed the cuckoo so long (Moderato)
V Fathers that wear rags … (Allegretto)
VI When priests are more in word than matter (Presto)
VII A fox when one has caught her (Moderato)
VIII The cod piece that will house … (Moderato)
IX He that has a tiny little wit (Allegretto)
X That sir which serves and seeks for gain (Moderato)
4. Finale of Act I (Andante)
5. The Storm is Coming up (Andante)
6. Scene on the Steppe (Moderato)
7. Gloster’s Blinding (Moderato)
8. Military Camp (Andante)
9. March (Allegretto poco moderato)
10. Fanfares I-V (Allegro)