• Dmitri Shostakovich
  • Hamlet, Incidental music to William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Op. 32 (1932)

  • Dmitri Shostakovich Estate (USA, Canada and Mexico only)
  • 1+pic.1.0.1/ Kit/Drum Set+tam+tgl/str
  • mixted choir
  • solo voice
    • 5th November 2022, Mary Patricia Gannon Concert Hall, Chicago , IL, United States of America
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Programme Note

Act I
1. Introduction and Night Watch (Allegro non troppo – Moderato. Poco allegretto)
2. The Shepherd’s Pipe (Moderato)
3. Funeral March (Adagio)
4. Exit of the King and Queen (Allegro)
5. Banquet Music (Allegretto)
6. Flourish and Dance Music
7. Finale of Act 1 (Allegro)
Act II
8. Hamlet with the Boys (Allegro)
9. Ophelia and Polonius’ Galop (Allegro)
10. Hamlet’s Scene with Rosencrantz (Allegretto)
11. The Actors’ Arrival (Allegro)
12. Polonius’ Exit with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (Allegretto)
13. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s Dialogue (Allegretto)
14. The Hunt (Allegro assai)
15. Finale of Act 2 (Repetition of the last eleven bars from ‘The Hunt’)
16. Music to the Spectacle
I. Tuning of the Instruments
II. Introduction (Adagio)
III. Love Scene of the Player-King and Player-Queen (Andantino)
IV. The Poisoner’s Appearance (Allegro)
V. Poisoning Music (Adagio)
VI. The Poisoner’s Exit (Andante)
VII. Scene after the Poisoner’s Exit (Andantino)
17. Entry of the Guests
18. Scene with Flute (Allegro)
19. Episode after the Flute Scene (Presto)
20. Pantomime
21. Hamlet Dragging out Polonius’ Corpse (Allegretto)
Act IV
22. The King Distracts the Queen (Allegro)
23. The Combat (Allegro)
24. The King is Being Dragged out (Allegro)
25. The King’s [Claudius’] Monologue (Andante)
26. Fortinbras’ Fanfares
I. (Allegro)
II. (Allegro)
III. (Allegro)
27. Banquet
28. Can-can
29. Ophelia’s Song
Act V
30. Lullaby
31. Requiem
32. Tournament
33. Flourish [Allegro non troppo]
34. Heavy Combat (Allegro)
35. Slack Combat (Allegro)
36. The Tournament’s End (Allegretto)
37. Fortinbras’ March