Commissioned by the Orchestra of St. Luke's and funded by Linda and Stuart Nelson in honor of their friend Charles Hamlen

  • fl, vn, va, vc
  • 11 min

Programme Note

I. Introducción: Cantilena
II. Seguidilla Serrana

Composer note
It is amazing for me to know that Mozart was a reluctant composer for the flute, with no end of unkind things to say about the instrument… This, despite satisfying the wealthy Mannheim benefactor (and amateur flutist) Ferdinand De Jean’s request for multiple concerti and quartets. In listening to these works, I find the pieces to be so lovely, rhythmically brilliant and tunefully lush. Seemingly composed with abandon and infused with Mozart’s personal stamp, I’ve drawn on his quartets as inspiration for Rapsodia Andina No. 2, likewise brimming with melody and rhythmic vibrancy, albeit from a Peruvian-Andean perspective. The first movement, 'Introducción: Cantilena,' is lyrical with a repeating accompaniment. It is followed by the lively 'Seguidilla Serrana,' a foot dance originally of Spain recast with motifs and harmonies common to the sierras of Perú.

— Gabriela Lena Frank