Commissioned by Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti with the generous support of Elizabeth & Justus Schlichting.

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  • va/Electronics, Pre-recorded
  • 19 min 30 s

Programme Note

Sola is inspired by abstract structural elements of solitariness in midst of turmoil — by the desire of calm and focus in chaos. Focusing on intimate materials in a flowing progression that seethe under the surface of disruption, only occasionally observing elements from the surface. The viola and the electronics become one — different sides of the same being — and move together throughout the work. The viola is the constant and the electronics emerge in and out of focus and shadow the materials from the viola. The whole — the connecting materials — expand and contract throughout the process of the piece and are contrasted with fragmented nuanced sound materials that depict various sides of the existing being, showing the core materials through various perspectives.

As with my music generally, the inspiration behind Sola is not something I am trying to describe through the piece - to me, the qualities of the music are first and foremost musical. When I am inspired by a particular element or quality, it is because I perceive it as musically interesting, and the qualities I tend to be inspired by are often structural, like proportion and flow, as well as relationships of balance between details within a larger structure, and how to move in perspective between the two — the details and the unity of the whole.

Programme note © 2019 Anna Thorvaldsdottir


Thorvaldsdottir: Sola: Prologue - I. —
Thorvaldsdottir: Sola: II. —
Thorvaldsdottir: Sola: III. — - Epilogue


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