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  • 1+ney.0.1.0/[=ebass])
  • soprano or mezzo-soprano
  • 12 min
  • Maisun Bint Bahdal al-Kalbia
  • German

Programme Note

"Ein Haus, in dem Seelen atmen..." is based on fragments of a poem by one of the earliest documented female Arab poets - Maisun Bint Bahdal al-Kalbia, who died at the turn of the 7th century AD. A princess of the Ummayyid dynasty based in Damascus at the height of imperial influence, Maisun rejected the comforts and excesses of palace life, longing for a life of untethered simplicity and freedom. The poem is still relevant to many in the 21st century as we are caught between the world of material possessions, and our immediate connection with nature.

- John Kameel Farah