• Rob Keeley
  • On the Tiles (2003)

  • Cadenza Music (World)
  • pf/vn
  • 9 min

Programme Note

I wrote this as a test piece for the Yehudi Menuhin Violin Competition in 2003, and it was commissioned by the late John Evans of the BBC. It explores both a number of violinistic techniques appropriate to the task, but also, various ways in which the violin and piano can double and interact. The title refers to the mosaic-like form, but also to the exuberant, 'unbuttoned' (perhaps louchely nocturnal?)  character of the piece.

Having listened to it being performed at the RAM by more than ten competition finalists (with understandably varying degrees of sympathy and commitment) it was a pleasure to hear the premiere by the (clear) winner Daniel Khalikov and the equally superb Carole Presland on piano at the Genius of the Violin Gala Concert at St Johns, Smith Square in April 2004.

– Rob Keeley

It has been recorded by Caroline Balding and Dominic Saunders on Dances with Bears Lorelt LNT13.