• Judith Weir
  • The Vanishing Bridegroom (Chamber version) (1990)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

A Glasgow 1990 City of Culture Commission from Glasgow District Council

  • 1(pic)1(ca)1(bcl)0/1010/timp(perc)/pf/str(
  • 2222/4230/timp.perc/str
  • SSAATTBB (with a number of small roles)
  • Soprano, Mezzo soprano, Tenor, 2 Baritones (high and low)
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • the composer, from work edited by J F Campbell of Isaly
  • English

Programme Note


1. The Inheritance: a man dies, but his legacy is missing: one of his three sons must have stolen it, but which one? The Doctor investigates by telling the sons a tale of a woman, forbidden to marry her lover, and married off to a richer man.

2. The Disappearance: on the birth of the Bride and Bridegroom's daughter, the husband leaves to fetch the Priest who will christen her, but on the way is lured into a brightly lit hillside - the "Land of the Young". His friend is accused of murder.

3. The Stranger: a handsome prosperous stranger arrives to woo the daughter, now a young woman. The girl is suspicious, and a passing preacher tells her he is obviously the Devil: she retires to a holy spot and the Devil is unable to harm her.

©Judith Weir


Vocal Score
Full Score Act 1
Full Score Act 2 & 3