• John Luther Adams
  • Five Percussion Quartets from Coyote Builds North America (1993)

  • Taiga Press (BMI) (World)
  • 4perc
  • 18 min

Programme Note

The Five Percussion Quartets are drawn from the music-theater work Coyote Builds North America, a collaboration with writer Barry Lopez based on traditional Native American stories.

The poems are from Coyote’s Bones and Indian Tales by Jaime de Anguto.

I. Invocation
II. Consecration
III. Giving Birth to Thunder
IV. Playing With Fire
V. Always Coming Home

The parts are graded in difficulty, from Part I (most difficult) to part IV (least difficult). It is entirely appropriate for players to change parts from piece to piece.

Total performance time for all five pieces is about 18:00. The duration of the individual pieces is given at the end of each.


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