• John Luther Adams
  • Tukiliit (The Stone People Who Live in the Wind) (2012)

  • Taiga Press (BMI) (World)
  • pf
  • 7 min

Programme Note

Perhaps for as long as we've been around, we humans have made monuments and figures with stones. From Iceland to India, from the Faroe Islands to the red rock country of Utah, people all over the world have arranged stones to mark special places on the earth, and our presence within them.

This is especially true in the Arctic, where the Inuit and their ancestors create stone sculptures known as inuksuit. Occasionally these figures mimic the form of the human body. They also mark good places for hunting and fishing, the best route from one place to another, traces of the passing of humans across the vast landscapes that Canadians sometimes call "The Big Lonely".

Tukiliit is the Inuktitut word for any stone object with special meaning. Translated more of less literally it means "The Stone People Who Live in the Wind".

John Luther Adams