The five ensembles perform individually or together in any combination.

  • winds (, brass (, voices (, 16 percussion, strings (
  • 1 hr 5 min

Programme Note

In Inuit tradition the spirit that animates all things is Sila, the breath of the world. Sila is the wind and the weather, the forces of nature. But itʼs also something more. Sila is intelligence. Itʼs consciousness. Itʼs our awareness of the world around us, and the worldʼs awareness of us.

Sila is intended for performance in a large space - outdoors or indoors - by 16 to 80 musicians or more. The performance materials include scores and parts for five different ensembles of woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings and voices. These five ensembles may perform Sila in any combination, successively or simultaneously.


Sila: The Breath of the World at Lincoln Center, New York, 2014
Sila: The Breath of the World at Balboa Park, San Diego, 2015