• Eivind Buene
  • Stilleben (2006)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • str (
  • [Piano]
  • 12 min

Programme Note

"Maybe the idea is to think of time differently. Stop time, or strech it out, or open it up. Make a still life that's living, not painted. When time stops, so do we. We don't stop, we become stripped down, less self-assured. I don't know. In dreams or high fevers or doped up or depressed. Doesn't time slow down or seem to stop? What's left? Who's left?"
(Lauren Hartke, body artist)

When I was commissioned by The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra for a new piece, I was reading Don DeLillo's novel The Body Artist. I was inspired by Lauren Hartke, the main character, and her way of using the body to interpret actions and situations we all know through our bodily memory, but seldom think consciously about. In similar ways, I wanted to take a fragment from our historical musical memory, and use it for a stilleben where the actual object itself is only vaguely present through strange contortions and gestural analogies.

- Eivind Buene 2016


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