• Thea Musgrave
  • D.E.S. - In Celebration (2016)

  • Novello & Co Ltd (World)

Available from 10 June, 2017

  • cello
  • 3 min

Programme Note

This short work for unaccompanied cello was commissioned by Yehuda Hanani for his concert in the Berkshires on 17th June, 2017, to celebrate suffragettes. It is dedicated to him.

D,E and S are the initials of Dame Ethel Smyth, a well known composer but also a well known suffragette. These letters are used in this work as the first letters of the words indicating the tempo of each of the three short sections – Desolate, Energized and Stormy (perhaps describing any situation that needs to be remedied with Determination, Expertise and Skill). They also stand for the notes that end the sections: D, E natural and E flat ("Es” being the German for E flat).