• Sergio Blardony
  • La trayectoria de la sombra (2014)

  • Unión Musical Ediciones (World)

Unavailable for performance.

  • 2+pic.2.2+bcl.2+cbn/4.3.2+btbn.1/4timp.4perc+glock/hp.pf/str./Electronics, Pre-recorded
  • Narrator/Speaker; Cor Anglais
  • 23 min 52 s

Programme Note

La trayectoria de la sombra is an interdisciplinary work, an investigation involving poetic expression and music in a context in which also visual elements -the scene- become relevant.

Light and its absence, the shadows, the never arriving day, are key aspects of this work written for recital performance, soloist cor anglais and electronics. Four poems by Pilar Martín Gila, of her book Otro año del mundo (Ediciones La Palma, col. EME, 2014), serve as the unifying poetic force of the musical ork.

The musical discourse is based on the impossibility of finding light. A continuous dawn, the day that never comes suggested by the poetic text, is represented with music as constant returns to an earlier point. However, it is not a repetition but a journey along the same path again, some kind of déjà vu where things, rearranged sound objects are and are not recognizable at the ame time.

Another essential aspect of La trayectoria de la sombra is the scenic design, which aims to break the static view of the orchestra by introducing the soloists -actor and cor anglais- separated from it and thus creating, along with electronics, a linkage space between all the parts, some kind of dialogue, of strange drama. Groping around in an unfathomable world... The voice of the actor looks for its place, wants to gain ground against a voice that comes imposed, the voice-over of the poet in the electronics. The cor anglais, as a mediator,
spreads from the orchestra towards the actor while the recorded voice defends his own being. The actor gradually conquers the text, making it his own, trying to find a place in this uncertain and unfathomable world. However, everything is tentative.

Sergio Blardony
Madrid, October 2014