• vn, vc, pf
  • 11 min 30 s

Programme Note

Composer note:
Bulb was commissioned by the Fidelio Trio with funds provided by the Arts Council of Ireland. It takes as its basis the overtone series built on a very low G, and it grows outwards from a small band of these overtones by means of pulsing glissandi (in the violin and cello). Well in fact these pulsing glissandi are for the most part made of two notes (one moving, the other providing a reference drone by its repetitions). By the end, the violin and piano have swapped registral places. It’s an artificial vandalism of a natural phenomenon (the overtone series), like the way electric lighting is of the visual spectrum, or the paintings of Bridget Riley are of various natural perceptions.

— Donnacha Dennehy


Performed by pianist Vicky Chow, cellist Ashley Bathgate and violinist Todd Reynolds.