• Julian Marshall
  • Dark Disputes and Artful Teasing (2015)

  • Novello & Co Ltd (World)

"The writing style varies considerably between a quasi ‘American Spiritual’ style on the one hand and a more genteel legato, though harmonically sonorous, non-jazzy style, on the other. I encourage you to explore and enjoy these differences and not to be afraid of ‘doing your thing’ with the interpretation as you see fit." - Julian Marshall

  • SATB (with divisi)
  • Tenor
  • 23 min

Programme Note

Cradle Song
The Sick Rose
The Divine Image
Infant Joy and Infant Sorrow

Since childhood, I have been intrigued, perplexed and, more latterly, awed by the poetry and paintings of William Blake.

I shall leave it to writers such at Kathleen Raine to bring us closer to understanding the depth of Blake’s spiritual vision - except to say that, for me, the way he simultaneously evokes powerful mystery, the humanly ‘grounded’ and the transcendent with seeming effortless grace, makes him the most intriguing and inspiring of poets to set to music.

Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience have long been a draw to composers. In fact, Blake himself, I understand, is known to have walked around his house singing these poems as instantaneous improvised songs.

Dark Disputes and Artful Teasing comprises a total of 14 short choral pieces, which can be performed in any combination or order.

Julian Marshall, 2016