• Hector Berlioz
  • Symphonie Fantastique (Movements II and IV only for Filmelodic), Op. 14

  • G Schirmer Inc (World)

This title accompanies the original film Last Night's Symphonie, a short, original film in the Filmelodic series from Adam Grannick Multimedia, LLC. This film with live orchestra work may performed alone or in a set with Runaway Overture (music by Richard Wagner) and Sam and Barb's School for Scandal (music by Samuel Barber). For more information about the film, please visit Filmelodic. For more information about the film with live orchestra production, please visit Schirmer Theatrical.

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  • 16 min

Programme Note

Last Night's Symphonie
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Hector Berlioz's 19th-century classic Symphonie Fantastique comes alive in modern New York City to tell the story of two lives forever changed by one passionate night of rash decisions.

Hector and Harriet, two young New Yorkers, meet at a party on a hot summer night and enjoy a romantic adventure out in the city. The next morning, a repentant Hector sets out to right his wrongs, embarking on a torturous odyssey through the perilous streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

This film has little sound other than the music of Symphonie Fantastique, which inspires not only the story, but also informs each character's actions.

Director's Statement

LAST NIGHT'S SYMPHONIE attempts to dissolve stereotypes about the target audience for classical music. The film is the culmination of years of experiments with visualizing hidden stories within masterpieces of classical music and linking the universal sounds with the modern experiences of new and potential audiences.

LAST NIGHT'S SYMPHONIE uses the international language of music to take the traditional place of dialogue. But in this story, there is no "missing" dialogue, no miming, and no intertitles. Instead, we unify the story by using themes and dramatic beats present in the music. In the context of our story, the themes and beats take on meanings that universalize the music for a young and modern audience. The characters and settings have musical counterparts that create associations more familiar to a 21st-century audience.

LAST NIGHT'S SYMPHONIE brings to life what I believe are the similar processes of surrendering to music and surrendering to love - leaving oneself vulnerable to intense pain and exquisite joy.

I hope with this visually powerful and plot-driven expression of Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique, classical music will find a new generation of absorbed listeners. — Adam Grannick

Film Specs

Approximate Running Time: 16 minutes

Film Completion Date: November 2012

Writer/Director: Adam Grannick

Producer: Benedetta Grasso

Director of Photography: Mickey Lewitter