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  • fl(pic,afl).cl(bcl)/pf/vn.vc.db
  • 7 min
    • 19th October 2024, Espacio Turina, Sevilla, Spain
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Programme Note

I. Full de Dietari, per Antonio Muñoz Molina.
II. Ràfegues de llum.
III. Poco Andante.
IV. Con Moto. Giocoso e Festivo.
V. Poco mosso.
VI. Memento -Haiku per a Maria del Carme Casablancas-
VII. Allegro.

Inspired by the concision and essence-like quality of this literary Japanese poetic form, these pieces have allowed the composer to contrast this type of work to other formally more ambitious works in a more concentrated discursive way. The continuity and expressive intensity of what is written almost in a single stroke, like the gesture of a painter, is being held in a brief and enclosed time frame. The different pieces have a contrasted character and are of a diverse register – some of them serene, playful, lyric, rhythmic, brilliant or festive – but we also find other of a more energetic, dramatic or sad character, as in the very particular case of the sixth Haiku In Memoriam Maria del Carme Casablancas.