• Stewart Copeland
  • Tyrant's Crush: Concerto for Trapset and Orchestra (2015)

  • Palmyra Music (World)
  • 2+pic.3(ca).2+bcl.2+cbn/4.3(Dtpt).2+btbn.1/timp.3perc/hp.pf(cel)/str
  • Trapset
  • 31 min

Programme Note

Poltroons in Paradise
This is the cheerful part of the story, about those who ride in on the back of a revolution and then discover the temptation of things against which they had revolted. A cadre of starving, hitherto excluded intellectuals swagger through the palace of the fallen regime. The chandeliers, the brocades, and the gilded furniture all inspire a grand buffoonery that hides a sneaking desire.

Monster Just Needed Love (but ate the children anyway)
The Monster is at his desk,
with so much to discuss and few to trust.
Kill or cure? Eat or feed?
It's hard to tell who is who these days.
His comrades are at the bon-bons while the nation creaks.
His epaulettes are hanging on for dear life.
Why is he sitting here making decisions about…plumbing?
What is Gradenko doing right now?
Something beautiful, no doubt.
Surely there is someone in all of our prisons
who knows how to run this machine!
Did I eat them all?

Over the Wall (or up against it)
Implacable forces converge.
The butler's hand is shaking as he pours the last beer.
Like me he's wondering how to get out of here.
The palace halls are empty and the scene outside is surly.
My transgressions are mounting up,
and I can hear them weaving through this catastrophe.
The counties don't respond and the generals are vague.
Escape is possible though maybe not.
Will she meet me there? How well do I know even her?
Over the wall or up against it.