• Jake Heggie
  • The Faces of Love (Book 2)

  • Associated Music Publishers Inc (World)
  • Mezzo-soprano; piano

Programme Note

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The Faces of Love
   Book 1: Soprano and piano
   Book 2: Mezzo-soprano and piano
   Book 3: Medium voice and piano

Paper Wings [Frederica von Stade]
1. Bedtime story
2. Paper wings
3. Mitten smitten
4. A route to the sky

Songs to the Moon [Vachel Lindsay]
1. Prologue: Once more — to Gloriana
2. Part 1, Fairy-tales for the children:
    The haughty snail-king (What Uncle William told the children)
    What the rattlesnake said
    The moon's the north winds' cooky (What the little girl said)
    What the scarecrow said
    What the gray-winged fairy said
    Yet gentle will the griffin be (What Grandpa told the children)

Of Gods and Cats [Gavin Geoffrey Dillard]
1. In the beginning…
2. Once upon a universe

To say before going to sleep (Zum einschlafen sagen) [Rainer Maria Rilke, trans. by Albert Ernest Flemming]

White in the moon [A.E. Housman]

Dixie [traditional]

Sophie's song [Frederica von Stade]


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