Electroacoustic dance collaboration with Nick Wales based on O'Regan's Scattered Rhymes.
Unavailable for performance.

  • Electronics, Pre-recorded
  • 30 min

Programme Note

The Genesis of the Score:

The music accompanying Rafael Bonachela’s choreography (referred to here as the Dance Score) started life as a 2006 stand-alone work called Scattered Rhymes by Tarik O’Regan. This 18 minute work in three movements for two choirs was commissioned by the Spitalfields Festival in London. A commercial recording on the Harmonia Mundi label by the Orlando Consort and the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir conducted by Paul Hillier was released in 2008. This recording was the catalyst for the Dance Score.

In November 2013 Rafael and Tarik met in New York City, where they discussed the concept for a new dance piece based on Scattered Rhymes. In this new version, which ultimately became the Dance Score, the three existing sections of Scattered Rhymes would be interspersed with three new electronic movements to be composed jointly by composer Nick Wales and Tarik.
Tarik and Nick met in Sydney in March 2013 to work on the electronic movements. Using only samples from the original 2008 CD of Scattered Rhymes and various recordings of people reading poetry, together they created rough mixes of the three newly commissioned electronic sections, which they have titled Fragmented Dimensions. Over the next few months, Nick honed the electronic tracks, working with Tarik and mix engineer Bob Scott, to seamlessly interpolate them into the three original Scattered Rhymes movements.

The end result is the half-hour Dance Score, which is organized in six movements as follows:
1. Fragmented Dimensions I
2. Scattered Rhymes I
3. Fragmented Dimensions II
4. Scattered Rhymes II
5. Fragmented Dimensions III
6. Scattered Rhymes III