• 2+pic.afl.2+ca.2+ebcl.bcl.2+cbn/3.2+ptpt.2+btbn.0/5perc/str( Percussion: I – tubular bells. II - finger cymbals, triangle, glass chimes, shell chimes, wood chimes, maracas, réco-réco, whip, geophone. III – 6 temple blocks, claves, maracas, tambourine, wood block, regular and small suspended cymbals. IV – 4 gongs, congas, suspended cymbal, bass drum. V – 2 tam-tams, thunder sheet, wind m
  • Piano, Horn, Xylorimba and Glockenspiel
  • 1 hr 50 min
    • 12th December 2024, Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, United Kingdom
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  • Independent Repertoire: American Cityscapes and Landscapes
    • Independent Repertoire: American Cityscapes and Landscapes
    • Numerous composers have drawn inspiration both from the United States’ natural beauty and the vibrant character of its cities. From iconic neighborhoods to breathtaking views, rural agrarian life to industrial skylines, the following works evoke this country’s distinctive landscapes through sound.


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