• 3(afl).3(ca).3(bcl).2/ (min
  • Mezzo Soprano

Programme Note

Composer Note:

The Canta-Concerto was composed with a specific thought in mind. Instrumental students are always told by their teachers that the voice is the most natural and beautiful instrument and should be imitated. But it struck me that with the exception of a concerto by Glière, there are no concertos for voice.

Since vocalists are very tied to "the word," they are always choosing a middle ground between diction and pure sound production. I wanted to write a piece where the sound production dominates and the range of emotional context was that of a concerto for an instrument. The piece is in four movements: a dramatic first movement, a scherzo-like interlude, a slow movement, and a finale that owes more than a bit to jazz.

— Marc Neikrug