Commissioned for the Bang on a Can All-Stars with the generous support of all the members of the People’s Commissioning Fund and the City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs

All instruments amplified

  • 2 vn, vla, vc, 3 perc, syn; electronics
  • 1 hr

Programme Note

    Performance notes:
  • all instruments amplified
  • percussion set-up: vibraphone, table percussion (small shakeable handbell, small bell, guiro), medium sizzle cymbal
  • synthesizer patch is specific and will be supplied by the composer (organ patch can be used for rehearsal purposes if need be)
  • electronics in the score are an approximation of the electronic track
  • electronic track and click track will be supplied by the composer
  • click track should be sent to each player's earbud via an audio interface
  • electronics include water sounds, prepared pianos, cello harmonics, percussion, bells, vocal samples, synthesizers


Holographic: Intro