• Benet Casablancas
  • Mokusei Gardens. A Viennese Notebook. (2014)

  • Unión Musical Ediciones (World)
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  • 10 min

Programme Note

Mokusei Gardens. A Viennese Notebook was written during the summer of 2014 and it was commissioned by Roland Freisitzer, conductor of Ensemble Reconsil. Its world premiere and its subsequent recording will take place on 1st October 2014 in Vienna within the framework of the festival “Exploring the World”. The title is a reference to a short story with Japanese atmosphere by the great Dutch writer Cees Nooteboom, with whom the composer has collaborated in numerous occasions and upon whose texts he composed the work Six Glosses on texts by Cees Nooteboom for speaker and sextet, one of his most spread works (Holland, U. S. A., Spain, Argentina, Japan, etc.) and, whose musical acrostic concludes the work with a festive atmosphere (CEES = C-E-E-Eb). This work is written for an ensemble of eight performers and it comprises five movements of short duration and very different character and tempi, which participate in the expressive proximity and formal concentration of this diary (I. Poco Lento e calmo; II. Poco Tranquillo ma scherzando; III. Con moto; IV. Calmo. Contemplativo. Lento e sostenuto; V. Vivo. Stretta). This world premiere is one of the most prominent ones by the composer in Austria, after the successful Composer Portrait offered by Musikverein in Vienna in 2008, the city where he lived in his youth and where he completed his musical education. It is dedicated to the memory of Maria del Carme Casablancas Portí.


Mokusei Gardens. A Viennese Notebook: I. Poco lento e calmo
Mokusei Gardens. A Viennese Notebook: II. Poco tranquilo ma scherzando
Mokusei Gardens. A Viennese Notebook: III. Con moto
Mokusei Gardens. A Viennese Notebook: IV. Calmo. Contemplativo. Lento e sostenuto
Mokusei Gardens. A Viennese Notebook: V. Vivo. Stretta



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