• electronics
  • S, actor
  • 40 min

Programme Note

Turbulence, or, ’the underlying forces usually hidden’.

Libretto by Cynthia Troup

An opera in three scenes:

I. From a state of quietness
II. Sudden transitions
III. A critical point

Scored for soprano and actress, with vintage microphones and objects, electronic pocket piano, amplified vintage electric fans, samples and live mix.

An immersive chamber opera set on an early commercial passenger flight, boarded by a mother (soprano) and her 19-year-old daughter (actress). A sustained dream-/sky-scape very precisely composed of vocal, electronic, melodic and other often ambiguous fragments, referencing the history of imprecise radio technology and in-flight broadcasts under turbulent stress.

The libretto and score for Turbulence were commissioned by Chamber Made Opera in 2012. Turbulence was first performed by Deborah Kayser (soprano) and Anneli Bjorasen (actor), and directed by David Young, with sound design in performance by Jethro Woodward – the premiere season opened in Melbourne on 3 October 2013, as part of Chamber Made Opera’s Living Room Opera series.

The parts of Pilot, Announcer, and Baby were pre-recorded. Margaret Cameron performed the voice of the Pilot, Sana Mukarker Schwippert the voice of the Announcer, and Emilia D. Hodkinson the voice of the Baby. The audio samples mentioned in the score were recorded, mixed, and mastered by picaroMedia in Berlin.

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