• Bryce Dessner
  • Music for Wood and Strings (2013)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

Music for Wood and Strings was commissioned by Carnegie Hall. The World Premiere was given by So Percussion in Zankel Hall, Carnegie Hall, New York City, on November 23, 2013.

  • percussion quartet
  • 35 min

Programme Note

Performance Notes
Each player has a Chordstick tuned to two open harmonies using 4 or 5 strings and one or
two percussion instruments (e.g. wood blocks, snare, bass drum).
Player 1 (Alto):
Chordstick A1 F-G-C-E
Chordstick A2 G-E-G-D
Snare drum
Wood Blocks
Player 2 (Alto):
Chordstick B1 C-A-B-G
Chordstick B2 A-F-C-F
Wood Blocks
Player 3 (Tenor):
Chordstick C1 C-F-G-B
Chordstick C2 F-C-F-G-A
Wood Blocks
Player 4 (Bass):
Chordstick D1 C-G-D-C
Bass Stick Chromatic
Wood Blocks
Bass Drum

Each instrument has a mute lever at the octave which is used for dynamic and/or register
shifts, and is notated as 'mute on/off’.

Additionally, each instrument will be amplified using a quarter-inch jack from the pickup into a direct box, mixed by the front of house engineer. Each player should also have some kind of looping device (preferably the Line 6 DL4) and volume pedal.

Each player will have two child size plastic violin bows to play the Chordstick, as well as

Depending on the section and the difficulty of the rhythms, the piece has been notated with
the Chordsticks on one or two staves.