• Helen Grime
  • Three Miniatures (2005)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)
  • ob/pf
  • 5 min

Programme Note

I. Lento
II. Quasi scherzando
III. Grave

My Three Miniatures for oboe and piano was written at the request of a good friend and supporter, Peter Evans, in 2005. Each movement is very short and concentrated and I have aimed to display the wide variety of expression of which the oboe is capable.

The first movement opens with a simple melody in oboe harmonics. The two instruments begin quite separately and gradually overlap as it reaches its climax.

The second movement is much faster and more virtuosic. A spiky piano line is decorated and punctuated by oboe interjections. The oboe becomes more distinct from the piano before tweaking into an expressive melody. The movement ends with a cadenza like passage for oboe interspersed with fragments of the piano's opening material.

The final movement begins in the depths of the piano bass. The oboe takes up and develops the piano's theme. Towards the end, a solo oboe cadenza draws on all three movements before a sparse and delicate reminder of the movement's opening.


Three Miniatures: I
Three Miniatures: II
Three Miniatures: III