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  • 26 min

Programme Note

Morpheus in the Greek mythology is the most powerful of the Oneroi, the gods of dreams. He is the one who sends us our dreams and he may appear to us within the dreams in disguise.

Analogous to the logic of dreams, in Morpheus everything is interwoven, as chains of associations appear to logically lead us from one line of thought to another. Everything seems strangely familiar. But the logic is treacherous and we already feel, it may only be valid within the dream. Nothing that appears similar is actually ever really the same.
Half awakening, we struggle to hold on to a vanishing world we felt we were on the verge of understanding, but which we already know will eventually escape us when we fully awake.
Everything remains a mystery until the end.

The seven movements/dreamscapes are:

1. Vortex
2. Trees and Walls
3. Escher (Toccata)
4. Crystal
5. Into the Cloud
6. Non-Euclid
7. Arctica