• Bent Sørensen
  • Saudades Inocentes (2011)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • gtr.acn
  • S (boy), T, Bar
  • 22 min

Programme Note

The title SAUDADES INOCENTES is probably best translated to mean ‘Innocent Yearnings’, but the Portugese word ‘Saudade’ indicates something far stronger than a common longing after something or someone. It is often a desperate longing after that which cannot be reached, either because it is not to be found or because it has been lost forever.

The work is written for three male voices – boy, young man and older man. From a landscape of loudspeakers, a feminine universe of women’s voices and steps flows as a mist beneath and around these three. Through the work’s six movements all the voices – the boy, the little girl, women and men – sing against and with one another.