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Programme Note

Commissioned by l'Aula de cant del Conservatori del Liceu with libretto by Rosario Curiel. The World Premiere to this opera was on July 1998 at the University of Barcelona with Miquel Ortega as music director and Joan Anton Sánchez as stage director.

Chance gathers six characters in a certain point in time and at a specific setting in space. The place may be a metro carriage, time is unknown.

The characters are: David, a young Philosophy student full of questions but without answers, who has to go to take an exam; Salva, a young construction worker, who hardly survives with a temporary contract and, who is about to pass a test for the renewal of his contract. Irene and Alba, also students, fascinated by Alba’s happiness, who explains Irene how she is about to meet a boy, whom she expects to change her life forever. Teo, a young rapper plunged into the pain of his brother’s death, which happened one day earlier at a street fight. Last but not least, Kaos, a strange character between nihilism and alcoholism, who has had a tough life.

An unexpected event happens; the metro suddenly stops and there is a turn to their projects and expectations.