• Thea Musgrave
  • Loch Ness - A postcard from Scotland (2012)

  • Novello & Co Ltd (World)
  • 3(pic).3(ca).2+bcl.2+cbn/0+4hn331/timp.3perc/hp/str
  • 8 min 30 s
    • 19th March 2024, Koger Center for the Arts, Columbia, SC, United States of America
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Programme Note

This Scottish loch is famous for its monster - only very occasionally seen.

In this lighthearted work he, the monster (a TUBA), emerges from the depths (E flat) to find the sun (A major) coming out from a thick mist (string clusters, comprised of an octatonic scale built from the triads of E flat and A major and minor). As he plays he is warmed by the sparkling sun (trumpets) and by the strains of an ancient Scottish melody.

As the sun goes down, he dives back into the deep waters with a big splash. Then a cool moon rises, a light breeze ruffles the surface of the waters, and all is at peace.

Thea Musgrave - 2012


Thea Musgrave: Loch Ness - a postcard from Scotland


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