• Charles Ives
  • Symphony No. 4 - critical edition score

  • Associated Music Publishers Inc (World)

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edited by James B. Sinclair, Kenneth Singleton, Wayne D. Shirley, William Brooks

Programme Note

Considered by many to be Ives's most ambitious completed work, Symphony No. 4 is available for the first time in a critical edition full score. This authoritative edition makes the Ives's masterwork more accessible to conductors, scholars, librarians, and Ives enthusiasts.
    Score contents:
  • a General Preface and Preface to each movement
  • Program Note from the 1927 Partial Premiere
  • Ives's Conductor's Note to the Second Movement
  • Critical Edition Full Score of all Four Movements and an engraving of the Fourth Movement Revised Score Manuscript
  • Detailed listings of Sources
  • Critical Editorial Commentary
  • Detailed listing of CD-ROM Contents
    The companion CD-ROM contains:
  • Manuscript Facsimiles from The Charles Ives Papers (courtesy of the Irving S. Gilmore Music Library of Yale University)
  • Pages from the Critical Edition for study at higher magnification
  • Color-Coded Quotation Analysis highlighting the "Musical Borrowing" of tunes in Symphony No. 4