• Missy Mazzoli
  • Tooth and Nail (violin version) (2010)

  • G Schirmer Inc (World)
  • violin and pre-recorded electronics
  • 9 min

Programme Note

Composer note
Tooth and Nail was inspired by the extraordinary musical traditions of Uzbekistan, where jaw harp (also called Jew's harp or mouth harp) plays a prominent role. The jaw harp player consistently plucks the instrument, creating overtones and melodies by changing the shape of his or her mouth, and the central Asian style takes this technique to wild and beautiful extremes. I have created my own version of this music, based on my memories of hearing Uzbek jaw harp players. The electronic part is made up almost entirely of viola samples, allowing the live violin to play in counterpoint with itself.

— Missy Mazzoli



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