• Sunleif Rasmussen
  • Prelude for Brass (2008)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • br(
  • 15 min

Programme Note

In the season 2008-2009 I was “composer in recidence” with the Southern Jutland symphony orchestra. The task was to compose two pieces for the orchestra.

The first piece was for the opening concert of the season. Their new concert hall has a very large and usefull foyer. Therefore I decided to compose a prelude for Brass which has to be played in the foyer before the concert, in a relaxing atmosphere where the audience can enjoy a refreshment together with the music.

Prelude for Brass is in four movements composed for 11 brass instruments. Four horns, three trompets, three trombones and tuba.

Prelude to an Orchestra is in five movements written for full symphony orchestra. In the first, second, fourth and the fifth movments I have made a new instrumentation for the wood-winds, strings and percussion on top of the music of Prelude for Brass. The third movement in Prelude to an Orchestra is written for wood-winds, strings and percussion.

The main idea is that Prelude for Brass for 11 brass players shall be played in the foyer before the concert, and Prelude to an Orchestra for full orchestra shall be played on stage at the concert. In that way the audience is already a little familiar with the elements of the main piece when hearing it in the concert. And when played as an opening piece the musical experience is extended to be not only a part of the concert itself, but also extend into the daily life.
Both pieces can also be played separately as concert pieces.

- Sunleif Rasmussen

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