• Simon Holt
  • Morpheus Wakes (2011)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)
  • 0+afl+bfl.2+2ca.0+bcl.2+cbn/2.3.2+btbn.1/2perc+cimb/hp/str(
  • Flute
  • 15 min

Programme Note

Morpheus Wakes is a flute concerto in 2 movements. For the first 11' movement, the flute solo plays only alto flute. Initially the music seems to be thawing out of a slow, dark-hued and quite sparse permafrost-covered landscape. The player will change to flute for the second 4' movement, which will be, by contrast, wild and unleashed, bordering on the chaotic; bright and vividly awake. The soloist could be seen to represent the god of dreaming, Morpheus himself, as if slowly waking from a deep, troubled sleep.

18th December 2013



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